Lorenz publications Edit

All containing selections oriented towards the church organist, with durations generally between 2 and 4 minutes.

Sacred Organ Journal Edit

Billed as containing the most difficult material of the three Lorenz subscriptions, though most material is easier to play than, for example, a typical Bach chorale. Works are registered for three manuals. The full compass of the manuals and pedals is used. Typical composers include Gilbert Martin, Dale Wood, and George Shearing. A few pieces from the classical repertoire are included.

Also previously sold in annual collections as the "Sacred Organ Folio."

Organ Portfolio Edit

Slightly easier works, registered for two manuals with Hammond registrations as well as pipe registrations. A more limited pedal compass is used, with fewer jumps and less fast passagework, although two feet are still required.

Also sold as "The Organist's Library" in collections of three issues.

The Organist Edit

Registered for two manuals, with Hammond registrations included as well as pipe registrations. Printed on two staves with the pedal notes having slightly smaller noteheads. The pedal compass is the bottom octave plus a few more notes. Pedal provides a supporting role only rather than carrying counterpoint. The limited pedal makes this ideal for those occasions when an organist is called upon to play an instrument with only one octave of pedals.

Composers include Lani Smith and Roger C. Wilson.

Also sold as "The Easy Organ Library" in collections of three issues.

The Organist's Companion Edit

Edited by Wayne Leupold and published by Warner Bros.

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