These are compositions based on classical themes. Though most often associated with weddings, they are suitable for other occasions.

Anthologies of classical themes arranged for organ began to appear in the early 20th century. They continue to be published today. Some works are also available as individual sheets.

Example works Edit

  • Canon in D from Pachelbel's "Canon and gigue in D minor"
  • Ave Maria, Schubert
  • Sheep may safely graze, from the Birthday Cantata by J.S. Bach

Suggested anthologies Edit

  • The Oxford Book of Wedding Music. Elegant arrangements, most by late 20th century composers.
  • Biggs Book of Organ Music. Similar material in a harmonically and rhythmically simpler style.
  • The Oxford Book of Wedding Music for manuals. Much easier arrangements of similar material.
  • Organ Melodies and Organ Repertoire, C.W. Landon. Early 20th century. Out of print but widely available used.
  • Preston Ware Orem book
  • At the console, William M. Felton (1940)
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