Original pieces not based on hymn tunes make up the bulk of the Sunday-morning repertoire.

Composers to remember Edit

  • J.K.F. Fischer - Wrote a number of shorter free works. Not difficult. Most have optional pedal.
  • Georg Boehm - Wrote several cycles of partias on hymn tunes which are particularly suitable for communion music and other situations where the organist must adjust the length of the piece to match the duration of the service. No pedal.
  • Dietrich Buxtehude
  • Johann Pachelbel
  • J.S. Bach

Useful compilations Edit

  • Church Organists's Golden Treasury In 3 volumes. Anthology of Baroque chorale preludes.
  • Peters "German Masters of the 16th and 17th century." Less difficult than the "Golden Treasury," including many works with no pedal or optional pedal.
  • Church Organists' Library, Ed. Wayne Leupold. No pedal. Includes an eclectic mix of compositions from all eras, none of them difficult to play.

Notable individual works Edit

  • Eight Little Preludes and Fugues, spuriously attributed to J.S. Bach; correct attribution disputed. Though extensively used as pedagogical pieces, most of these are useful as service music.
  • L'Organiste, Cesar Franck - romantic-era pieces written for the French harmonium. These are short and do not require pedal.
  • Eleven Chorale Preludes Johannes Brahms, Op. 121. Optional pedal. Though based on hymn tunes, most casual present-day listeners will not recognize most of the tunes.
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