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In the 1940's, Moller made some ultra economy three manual instruments wherein the gt. organ had only one independent rank -- a diapason. Other gt. stops were borrowed from the other two manuals, which were separately enclosed. The total number of ranks was, I believe 14. There may have been two reeds -- one on the sw. and the other on the ch. The pedal may have been only extensions of 8' manual ranks, extended to 16' and there may have been only one, with a shutter for loud and soft. Many ranks were extended to different pitch levels and mu- tations were taken from the unison ranks.

I believe that Calvary Baptist Church, Yonkers, New York, had such an instrument, made in the 1940's or a little before.

I'd very much like to know the exact specifications of that instrument, if it is available -- or any similar one.

Many thanks

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